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Re: Access Gateway
28 Apr 2005 01:37:23 -0700

Well, it can mean a number of things, but generally speaking you can
think of it as an interface (hardware and software) that allows one
network to connect to another network for the purpose of transmitting
information. This is referred to as "internetworking." Computer
networks use gateway servers, bridges, and routers to provide this
function. Within telecomm the devices are technically different and
are generically referred to as Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNI).
Physically, they are adapter cards sitting in a rack in a telecom

An example that comes to mind is the Internet access gateway many
mobile phone service providers employ in their networks to allow
subscribers to use text messaging (SMS and MMS) to send messages to
email addresses on the Internet. You include a gateway code in your
message header, and that tells the SMS/MMS server that instead of
sending the message to another cell phone, route it through the access
gateway to the Internet.

I'm sure their are many other examples (Wi-Fi networks interfacing to
the Internet, etc.), but that is one I have recently investigated.
Hope this helps.

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