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HarryTheDog (
26 Apr 2005 04:58:00 -0700

Try a google search. It always throws up a few (thousand ;-) hits for
me and I just sift through them putting together an answer.

You need to be careful, though. The first hit may not be accurate, may
not be apposite, may not have been written by someone who actually
knows what they are talking about, etc. That's why you need to read a
few hits and then form your own opinion.

And there's always the chance that no-one else actually knows the
answer, or has posted it to the web, or it has been crawled by your
search engine.

In this particular case, COT Test, context is important.

You don't want to know about baby sleeping arrangements (where does a
baby ape sleep? In an Apricot), do you?

And you don't want to know about Senator Frist running for President in

And it's not maths, it's Telecoms, so try this:

And if that doesn't answer your question, you can follow my advice

Be Lucky.

Anything more complicated than two tin cans and some wet string needs
an expert, a degree and a three week residential training course in
the Caymans.

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