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Re: New Spam Scam Exploits Pope's Death

Paul Vader (
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 17:40:15 -0000

Steve Sobol <> writes:

>> Is there any way to plonk the moderator of a mailing list?

> He doesn't morph; you can killfile him just like you can killfile
> anyone else.

Except that he sticks his comments at the end of other people's notes. *

* PV something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
like corkscrews.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well Paul, I can fix that for you. I
have a little perl script here which I will give in a minute, that
you or anyone can use to write me out of the picture entirely. The
perl script was originally written for use in the 'latest-issue.html'
file on our web site, to make _my_ comments stand out in bright red
when they are interspersed with another article. Go to our web site at, read the latest issue file, and you will
see examples of it. I figured if red print was good enough for the
Gospel writers in the New Testament when JC was quoted, it should be
good enough for me also (ha! ha!).

The perl script does this:

# This perl script replaces cat with perl to make subjects stand out.
# old: cat output >>/home/common/telecom-archives/archives/back.issues/recent.single.issues/latest-issue.html

perl -pe 's/&/&amp;/g; s/</&lt;/g; s/>/&gt;/g; s/Subject:.*?$/<B><font color=red>$&<\/font><\/B>/; \
s/((https?|ftp):\/\/.*?)(\s|, )/<a href="$1">$1<\/a>$3/g' output |\
perl -pe 'undef $/; s/\nTELECOM Digest is an electronic.*?organization\./\n<b><font color=midnightblue>$&<\/font><\/b>/s;' \
-e 's/\n\[TELECOM Digest Editor.s Note:.*?PAT\]/\n<font color=brown>$&<\/font>/sg' \
>> $outfile

Now, as you can see, each issue of the Digest is run through that perl
script, and anytime I choose to speak out (inconvenient for you, I
understand) anytime in an issue there is a line of text which begins
with a left bracket '[' and immediatly continues with the string
(without the quotes) 'TELECOM Digest Editor's Note:' then the font
changes colors and continues in that new brownish color until the
ending is discovered ('PAT' followed by a right bracket ']') then the
font color changes back again to what it was. So maybe I just say
'thank you' or maybe I rant and rave for several lines, no
matter. That opening phrase flush at the left margin and the closing
phrase (PAT followed by a right bracket) controls when the color
changes. By the same technique I make the Subject line stand out in
bright red and I put the closing words from my patrons in blue.

Now all you need to do, Paul, is take those sentences which came from
me between left bracket TELECOM Digest, etc and ending
with PAT right bracket and either send them to /null or send me to
/hell or whatever you want. Use my perl script to do whatever you want
to do with the offensive lines in the middle. See Paul, I try to look
out for folks around here. I don't ever make guys do something they
don't want to do. Either you read me because you want to, or you skip
over me because you don't want to read. Using _force_ on guys is not
my style. This public service announcement was intended to help you
protect yourself and your friends from the ravages of a moderator with
brain disease. You are welcome. Now watch the color change. PAT]

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