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Re: Build UHF/VHF Tuners Into Cell Phones

Scott Dorsey (
19 Apr 2005 16:24:43 -0400

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> More and more stories in the media about TV being distributed to cell
> phones via some sort of internet or data connection.

> Why don't they just build VHF/UHF tuners into these phones so that you
> can watch local TV off-air FOR FREE! AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! WITH NO

> Radio Shack sells a palm-sized color LCD TV for about $100. Why can't
> they build that functionality into a cell phone?

Because there is no money in selling the hardware. The money is in
selling the programming. The whole point of the TV distribution to
cellphone thing is that the cellphone companies charge for the
programming. Giving the user a facility to watch TV that they aren't
paying for is a losing proposition.

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