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Re: Last Laugh! Passenger Found Dead Hour After Plane Lands
Sat, 16 Apr 2005 02:00:34 -0700

Marcus Didius Falco wrote:

> Nice to see they're alert in Chicago. I guess they wanted to make sure
> he had time to vote.



> Passenger found dead hour after plane lands at O'Hare

> A passenger was discovered dead aboard American Airlines Flight 154 from
> Tokyo to Chicago on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

> The man apparently suffered a heart attack and was found by a cleaning
> crew about 5 p.m., an hour after the aircraft landed at O'Hare
> Airport, said Chicago Police Officer Matt Jackson. Authorities were
> notified and the man was pronounced dead at the scene, a detective
> said.

> An autopsy is set for today.

> The name of the 66-year-old man, whose passport shows he was a U.S.
> citizen, was not being released by authorities pending notification of
> his family. The passenger had been scheduled to get on another flight
> to Indianapolis, his final destination, said Tim Smith, American
> Airlines spokesman.

> After the plane had been moved from Terminal 5 to another terminal for
> cleaning, a crew found the man in a bathroom, Smith said.

> Lisa Donovan

> Copyright 2005 The Sun-Times Company

When I was in the airline biz, circa 1964-90, the flight attendants
were required to check all the lavs and block them from further use
during the final prep for landing check. The primary reason for that
check is to assure that all passengers have returned to their seats
and are buckled in for landing.

The responsible flight attendants should be disciplined for
irresponible failure to carry out a fundamental safety duty.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think they are still supposed to
check the manifest on take off and landing and make sure it
balances. PAT]

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