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Re: Cellular Phone Harassment from '555-555-1212'

Anthony Bellanga (anthonybellanga@withheld_on_request)
Wed, 13 Apr 2005 05:55:15 -0600

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Dale Showers first wrote:

> I have been receiving calls on my cell phone and the caller id is
> 15555551212 but there is no one on the phone when I pick up.

Steve Sobol replied:

> Considering that 555 isn't a valid area code and xxx-555-1212 is
> Directory Assistance, why do you even bother answering that number?

And then Pat rang in with:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Because, if I understood Dale
> correctly in our phone call mid-day Tuesday, his phone just keeps
> on ringing until he _does_ answer. PAT]

I don't remember Dale mentioning that his (cellular) phone "just
keeps on ringing until he does answer". And I looked at the original
and full message that he sent to see if he specifically said that,
at least in the post. (I do remember you mentioning that he also
called and spoke with you on the phone as well). So, here is the
remainder of Dale's post as it previously appeared in Telecom Digest:

> I try to call back to that number and it is not a good number.
> There is no area code of 555. If any one knows what this and how
> to stop it please let me know at [address suppressed].
> Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, it does appear that the harrassing caller does "keep
CALLING BACK", but that's not the same as the (cellular) phone "just
keeps on ringing until he answers".

Also, considering that Dale is on a CELLULAR phone as stated in the
original subject line, most of us SHOULD already know that if one
doesn't answer their cellular phone within a relatively short period
of time (3-5 standard ring cycles in most cases, approximately 30
seconds), the calling party is then transferred to either VOICEMAIL,
or else a "subscriber not available or is out of the area" message
from the serving cellular switch.

Also, unfortuantely, as Pat has stated several times in the past
regarding Caller-ID and Privacy options from SBC, the serving
telephone company on the called party's end doesn't really "block"
incoming calls from KNOWN BOGUS area and/or office codes, or known
bogus "formats" of same codes.

- Anthony

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