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Re: Administrivia: A Temporary Outage
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 07:01:41 -0700

ptownson wrote:

> Sometime late Friday afternoon, the _alias name_ ''
> went out of order. This alias is routed through John Levine's computer
> in New York. It came back on line Saturday late morning or early
> afternoon. When this happens, any netter who requests the URL
> simply draws a blank. But, anyone who uses
> the real name does get
> through (unless massis also happens to go down). Although we would
> _prefer_ to be known as '' to the internet world,
> we can go by '' as needed. If you tried to reach
> this site Friday afternoon/evening/overnight into Saturday morning
> and kept 'drawing blanks', please remember this and use our alternate
> (but original) URL, and you should get through that way.

> Patrick

Since you have the domain name you are already incurring that expense.

For $19.95 a year you can have shared hosting at It's not
the most reliable host in the world, but for the bucks it is value
received. I have two of my domains hosted there, that I can accept having
some outages. For my more demanding domain I have it hosted at Verio for
$12 a month (used to be $24).

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Thank you for the offer, but I do not
pay for any of my domain names. Either I get them as a gift from
readers (as is the case with or I otherwise find
them around for free. If I had to pay for them, I probably would just
quit doing this totally. PAT]

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