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Re: Harrasing Annoying Ex Boyfriend Phone Calls CALLER ID Manager

Paratwa (
Fri, 08 Apr 2005 13:57:41 -0500

12 Gauge pump shotgun and a bedside 38 special the wife was taught to
use. Noisy outdoor dog when strangers approach.

We had changed the number once and had no problems for quite a while.
Unfortunately he tricked the slow brother-in-law and got the new

I spoke to a lawyer's secretary about the situation and she said I
could make an appointment with the lawyer for $100. She couldn't even
discuss whether he handles this type of situation. Heck I bought this
device for $100 and got immediate results.

I don't have much regard for the justice system in general anyway.
When we made out a police report we learned that there was a warrant
for his arrest. But the police didn't have his address. So we gave
them the address and we were told it was in a different police
district. Unless somebody has killed somebody or is in the process of
doing so the police aren't interested. Yeah we could eventually get a
restraining order but what is to stop him from calling on a pay phone
at 2 am w/o leaving a message -- as he does frequently.

He is pretty much scum of the earth without a life and addictions to
booze and casinos -- a bad combo if you live on the MS gulf coast.
Eventually he'll be picked up for DUI or kill somebody driving.

I prefer the tech solution.

On 8 Apr 2005 05:24:18 -0700, Justin Time <>

> not to say that this type of harassment doesn't occur. There are
> other remedies available that appear not to have been explored. If
> you had proof, then a court order to stop the harassment could have
> been obtained. Violation of the court order will have more impact on
> police action than the filing of a complaint. The question remains,
> other than complaining what have you done to protect yourself?

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: What I did to protect myself is switch
> to a different telephone company; one that knows what *77 is used for
> and how to implement it so it works correctly, and overall it is a lot
> less expensive as well ($25 per month for a large package of features
> _plus_ unlimited local calling, _plus_ a hundred minutes of long
> distance calling per month). Admittedly, that solution is not
> available to everyone: SBC (and many other Bell telcos) tell many
> customers they are 'not eligible' for porting elsewhere.

> And to get a 'court order', you generally have to have had the police
> involved first, to justify your need for a court order. The court does
> not hand them out willy-nilly to everyone who asks. PAT]

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