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Thu, 07 Apr 2005 14:32:46 -0700

In article <>, Steve Sobol
<> wrote:

> How do you expect Google to pay its bills if it's not going to be either
> advertising-supported or subscriber-supported?

> "I want a free lunch, but I'm not willing to allow other people to pay
> for it." My interpretation of your quote.

Well, in fact I have paid subscriptions to a number of magazines and a
newspaper or two that I think have reasonably high editorial
standards. Since I think KQED-FM is a fairly decent and largely
advertiser independent information source, I've been a voluntary
subscriber and donator to them for decades (I even supported KPFA for
quite a while...). I've voted for (and as a taxpayer helped pay off)
public library bond issues for decades. Back when I had four
school-age children in the house I even once purchased, at retail, a
complete set of the Britannica.

I don't know how to solve the problem (the very real, serious, and
IMHO increasing) problem of corruption of many of our primary
information sources and media by advertising I'd willingly pay a
significant subscription fee for access to a Google equivalent that
was equally good and that I could be sure was and would remain truly
advertiser independent.

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