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Accessing an Old Norvergence Article

Eli Varenberg (
Tue, 05 Apr 2005 17:48:11 -0400

Dear Mr. Townson:

I am trying to access an October 2003, perhaps October 15, 2003 digest
that appeared at one point at the following webpage: (This link no longer works.)

I am seeking a complaint against Norvergence, which is referenced in
the following article:

I'd appreciate your help in finding this digest. If you have any questions,
please e-mail me or call me.


Eli Varenberg, Researcher
Art science Research Laboratory

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Ah yes, Norvergence! I think the item
you are looking for is here:

(and in particular issue 675, through issue 690.)

Articles that old have long since been flushed from the online Digest
you referred to (1140.html) but I think if you look in the above
cluster of 50 back issues you will find a copy of it. There were so
many articles complaining about Norvergence I don't know which one
you specifically want. If you go to the above rather large file, use
an editor of some sort to sort down to issue 675 and look through it
in detail, also the issues following.

If you ever have any other occassion to look for an older article
from our archives, which does not show up in the
TELECOM_Digest_Online files because of its age, then use this formula:

Try to extrapolate the YEAR, MONTH and DATE of the article as best
you can. Then go to and
start from there. First locate the year in particular, then the month
and in each instance you will get a cluster of 50 back issues. (We
publish two or three issues daily). Our files go back to 1981, but are
only filed by individual issue (instead of clusters of 50) as of last
year. With the real, real old stuff, you can also use the
accelerated index covering 3 years at a time between 1989 and 1998,
and sort through those by subject line or author. On that real old
stuff I will help you as much as I can if you will send me clues like
you did this time. Working your way through our old archives will
cause a sane person to go crazy. Maybe that is what imminently
qualifies me as the editor/publisher/caretaker around here.

I hope this helps and is what you want. Please let me know. Certain
topics around here, such as Bell System, Norvergence, and Terri Shiavo
never seem to go away. PAT]

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