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Re: Some Concerned About Privacy Implications of E-Z Pass System

Chris Farrar (
Tue, 05 Apr 2005 16:40:44 -0400

Gene S. Berkowitz <> wrote:

> And another issue, maybe not so important, but serious for some:

>> portability. If you travel on business and rent a car, you are usually
>> stuck using the cash lanes on local toll roads. Even if you have a
>> working transponder at home which is compatible with the local system,
>> you aren't supposed to try using it. The transponder is only valid for
>> use in a registered vehicle, which your rental car isn't.

> I've been wondering about this. Why can't the rental cars include an
> EZ-pass, then simply bill you for tolls accrued during the rental
> period?

Humm, New York E-ZPass can be transplanted into any vehicle of the
same class. I had one that I was using for a few weeks before I
"registered" my licence plate with them, as I was waiting for them to
mail me my PIN numbers to access my account. The CSR on the phone
said that as long as the E-ZPass is valid, they don't care what car it
is in.

The same goes for Ontario's Hwy 407ETR. The only caviat is that if
the transponder isn't read it will generate a bill to the rental
company, who will in turn hit you for it plus a surcharge to handle
their time and effort to figure out who had the car that day.

As for why not have an E-ZPass for the rental fleet, cost is probably
a big issue. The amount of pre-paid tolls has to be pretty hefty.


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