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Re: USB to RJ-45 Console Cable?

James Carlson (
05 Apr 2005 11:13:57 -0400

JXM2119 <> writes:

> I have already read and seen that there are cables/adapters that
> go from USB to DB-9. That would allow you to connect your standard
> serial console cable as you normally would. I am trying to find a way
> to eliminate this.

> I would like to buy/make a cable that will have a USB connector on one
> end and an RJ-45 on the other. I'm not sure if it is as easy as
> cutting off a connector on the usb and just terminating the RX/TX/GND
> like you can do with a serial cable (DB-9).

Most of the ones I've seen have the electronics that "convert" USB
into RS-232 embedded in the DB-9 end of the cable, so lopping that off
would give you a useless wire.

> I know there may be some issues with going from USB to RS-232
> signaling and I could always build some kind of breakout box in the
> middle.

> Any thoughts?????

It's probably simpler to get a passive DB-9 to RJ45 adapter and plug
that on the end of a USB to DB-9 cable.

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