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Update, was: NYS AG Spitzer Gets Verizon to Wake Up. A Bit

Danny Burstein (
Tue, 5 Apr 2005 01:21:45 UTC

In <> danny burstein
<> writes:

> "Verizon to block 'cramming' of computer charges on phone bills

> By MICHAEL GORMLEY, AP Writer April 3, 2005, 12:16 PM EDT

> "Albany NY - Verizon Communications Inc. will fight the 'cramming '
> of unauthorized charges by companies such as Internet providers that
> appear on phone bills.

It's now up on Spitzer's site:

Typical paragraph:

"Verizon must terminate contracts with third parties that
have persistent complaint levels. The Attorney GeneralÕs
investigation found that in some cases, Verizon did not promptly
take action against parties with high complaint levels, even after
lawsuits and regulatory actions had been commenced

Still no mention of anything back at the telco for facilitating these
charges, no recompense to the consumer who had to notice the fake bill
and take the time to complain, and no requirement for pro-activity
(i.e. if 50% of "Integra-sleaze" charges are disputed, Verizon can let
the other 50% of the payments made by the recipients go through).

But it's a decent start. Personally I believe anyone sending 10,000 fake
bills through a telco (and the telco that assists) should be treated to
the same criminal charges that anyone mailing out 10,000 fake invoices,
hoping that 1/4 of the recipients would send in a check, would get.

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