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Re: Classic Telephone Call on PC

T. Sean Weintz (
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 16:43:01 -0500

Gerhard Nowak wrote:

> Hi there,

> Since 3 months I try to get any proggy and tried out everything starting
> from Hyperterminal to make a phonecall on my laptop!

> Its just not possible! It's amazing, how all related programs guide
> into the wrong direction.

> Please help, if there is anybody out there to do so. Maybe I got
> something wrong, or else. I don`t know:

> If I use hyperterminal of windows -- and all other proggies are
> derived from this - I can call a party, of course; and I also hear the
> voice, but there is never a conversation and I can never answer, I can
> not even "lift" the phone of the hook!

> What to do?

> Thanks in advance,

> Gerry

I've never seen a program that will do what you are trying to do.

What would have to happen is the computers sound card would have to
record your voice on the sound cards microphone, digitize it, and then
play it back out the modem. To do that, you need a modem that shows up
as a multimedia device under windows (most don't) and of course you also
need software to actually do what I describe above. I have never seen such.

Plenty of software will DIAL for you, but then expects that once the
call is made you will pick up the call on a plain old handset plugged
into the passthru port on your modem.

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