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Re: Blackboards vs. Whiteboards

T. Sean Weintz (
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:35:16 -0500 wrote:

> I believe black/greenboards cost less than whiteboards.

I would expect a good quality, real slate blackboard (the kind I had
in all my classrooms growing up) is considerably MORE than a

> But most significantly is the chalk vs. marker.


> Chalk is much cheaper than markers.


> Markers always run out quickly.
> Someone forgets and uses the wrong kind permanently staining the
> whiteboard.

Yup. However I have seen some good enameled white boards that DON'T
stain very easily -- "permanent" marker wipes right off with a little

> Lastly, markers have that weird chemical smell.

And teenagers can sniff them ... Happens when you give them glue,
paint, correction fluid ... It will happen with markers.

> Seems to me there's nothing wrong with blackboards and nothing to be
> gained by whiteboards.

Initially they may be cheaper to install new. It's a losing
proposition fiscally when you look at the cost of markers vs. chalk
and the cost of replacing damaged white boards.

> Thoughts anyone?

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