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DevilsPGD (
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:13:15 -0700

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> I heard my school district will modernize and replace the classic
> "blackboard" (or greenboard) with modern 'whiteboards'. I can't help
> but wonder if this is a dumb idea.

> AFAIK, blackboards last forever. Lots of old schools still have their
> original ones. In contrast, whiteboards seem sensitve to nicks and
> scrapes.

> I believe black/greenboards cost less than whiteboards.

> But most significantly is the chalk vs. marker.

> Chalk is much cheaper than markers. Markers always run out quickly.
> Someone forgets and uses the wrong kind permanently staining the
> whiteboard.

> Lastly, markers have that weird chemical smell.

> Seems to me there's nothing wrong with blackboards and nothing to be
> gained by whiteboards.

> Thoughts anyone?

I'll take a whiteboard over a blackboard for readability any day.

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