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Re: More 'Tweens' Going Mobile; Long-Term Health Risks Unclear
30 Mar 2005 10:21:00 -0800

Tony P. wrote:

> That is what we get for fleeing the urban core cities. The costs of that
> are coming back in spades.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There are lots of things wrong with the
> urban core, inner city. I am sorry you feel that those of us who
> wanted something better in life did what you call 'fleeing'. I know
> you would _never_ get me back to Chicago for example. PAT]

When once-nice city neighborhoods decayed and the people were forced
to leave their homes, nobody (govt, politicians) cared and did
anything. Indeed, those people themselves got blamed for "fleeing"
even though their wants -- decent schools, safe streets, no vandalism
-- were perfectly acceptable and met elsewhere.

If anyone challenged the anti-social behavior of the new people moving
into the neighborhoods and causing trouble, they were accused of being
a snob or worse (esp if there were ethnic differences).

Yet when the opposite happens -- when affluent people move back into
the city and fix up a decayed neighborhood -- rebuilding rotted
buildings, chasing drug dealers away, opening new stoers in empty
shells -- everyone worries about the people who previously lived there
(the ones who failed to keep up the neighborhood). Seems to me the
ones already there are benefiting -- at no cost to them -- of a nicer
living area.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, one thing I really appreciate
about living here in Independence is that this is a very integrated
community, which is how I would want it. We are not a rich community
(although there is a 'rich part of town' [north of Taylor Road near
the country club]) and there are areas which tend to have more
minority residents than others, but we all seem to get along okay.

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