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Re: Cell Phone Jammer For Sale MONIX MGB-1S

Tony P. (
Sun, 27 Mar 2005 18:28:02 -0500

In article <>,

> I have a nearly new cell phone jammer for sale -- range is
> approximately 30 metres in radius. Model MONIX MGB-1S cellular Jammer.

> Used only one week (and then the tenant was gone! - hint great for
> getting rid of loser tenants who depend on their cell phones for
> calls).

> Includes unit, plus 2 attennas, and a power cable and transformer for
> North American Standard power.

> Asking price $395 plus shipping.

> I am located in Canada.

> Please email me at donestuardo (AT Sign) or call me on my
> cell at (416) 458-0012 and I will be happy to go over details with you.

> Thanks,

> Stew

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Why is a person who relies on a cell
> phone for their communications a 'loser'? Good luck finding someone
> willing to buy this evil device. :( PAT]

To add to your comments, this is also a serious no-no in the eyes of
the FCC.

I'm waiting for the first emergency to take place and a cell phone
jammer is incorporated.

Seems that we get less confrontational as time goes on. Instead of
posting notice that offenders will be violated, we go out and buy cell
phone jammers.

But cell phones are a curse to some degree. A local University that
shall remain nameless instituted a no cell phone policy for students.
That quickly went downhill when professors cell phones would ring during
class time, etc.

For those of us in continuing education, that was even more
interesting. For example, at the time I was working for the state AG,
I HAD to keep my cell phone on. But at least I had the common sense to
put it on vibrate. One professor told me he always knew when my phone
went off because I'd jolt up a bit. Beepilepsy indeed.

What is really amusing about this is that Stew has posted a Bell
Mobility cell number.

Anyone know if Bell Mobility charges the subscriber for incoming calls?
Hmmmm ... we could give this the same treatment we give to those who post
their 800 numbers trying to sell wares that are offensive to us.

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