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Re: What Happened To Channel 1

Dan Lanciani (
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 18:51:11 EST (Tony P.) wrote:

> Sort of how the FCC has pretty much admitted that anyone with a
> modicum of technical knowledge will be able to defeat the broadcast
> flag.

I think you've mentioned this before, but what does it mean? The
system as originally conceived requires the digital representation of
flagged content to be protected by encryption on bus and media. I
have more than a modicum of technical knowledge and I don't see an
easy way around the proposed system in concept. Has the original
system been abandoned? Or are you aware of some implementation flaw?

Now of course (so far) the over-the-air ATSC broadcasts are to remain
in the clear. But again, building a practical ATSC receiver takes
(IMHO) more than a modicum of technical knowledge--at least until
there is a GNUradio cookbook and good canned DSP software.

So what exactly is going on with the broadcast flag? There seems to
be a lot of misinformation floating around, including the absurd
proposition that the copy management can never be expanded to include
more than two states because of a lack of bits!

Dan Lanciani

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