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Re: New Long Range Cordless Phones?

Dave Garland (
Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:27:58 -0600

It was a dark and stormy night when Dave
<newsgroups@dave!!!christense!!n.o!!!r!!!g> wrote:

> a cordless phone that supposedly works 100km from the base station
> (under ideal conditions).


> Other then the obvious potential for grief from the FCC, anyone else
> have any thoughts?

It is true that highly directional antennas (which none of those
pictured in the ad are) can provide ranges such as they describe.
Think satellite dishes and clear line-of-sight paths (or even better,
put one side in orbit). But highly directional antennas are not going
to let you "walk or drive around for a radius of around 30 miles"
without stopping to carefully align *both* antennas every time you
want to use the phone. With the antennas shown, even 30 miles over
unimpeded water seems like it would be pushing it.

They offer only manufacturer's warranty (and it's not even clear what
country the vendor is in). I don't know what Samsung model that is,
but I'd bet that Samsung doesn't specify performance anything like
that described. Don't do it without a full money-back guarantee.

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