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Re: Feds: Criminals Luuuuv Those Open 802.11 Networks
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 06:23:36 -0800

It is so easy to secure WiFi, at least against most intruders. I can
receive four other home WiFi signals in my condo. Like mine, all the
others are secured. So, I guess me and my neighbors are smarter than
some of these dummies. ;-)

Danny Burstein wrote:

> "... Of those suspects, half regularly used the open Wi-Fi connections
> of unsuspecting neighbors. Four suspects, in Canada, California and
> Florida, were logged in to neighbors' Wi-fi networks at the moment law
> enforcement agents, having tracked them by other means, entered their
> homes and arrested them, Secret Service agents involved in the case
> said. ...

> " 'We had this whole network set up to identify these (suspects) but
> the one thing we had to take into consideration was Wi-fi', (former
> Secret Service agent) Mr. Gilhooly said. 'If I get to an Internet
> address and I send a subpoena to the Internet provider and it gets me
> a name and physical address, how do I know that that person isn't
> actually bouncing in from next door?'

> (rest at: )


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