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Re: Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Steve Sobol (
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 14:02:03 -0800

Tony P. wrote:

>>> Consider that Ms. Wood readily admits she has an agenda (she has an
>>> axe to grind with cell phone manufacturers over what she perceives as
>>> "iron-clad control over phone releases and pricing, its
>>> ever-lengthening contracts, and the annoying habit it has of crippling
>>> Bluetooth phones so that [she] can't use them the way [she wants]
>>> to"). I would thus take this with a heavy handful of salt.

If Miss Wood thinks that retail phone pricing and contracts are the
fault of the MANUFACTURERS, she's probably too stupid to carry a cell
phone in the first place. I doubt the removal of certain functions is
done by the manufacturers on their own, either.

> The problem is that many of the headsets are now Bluetooth enabled.
> Those put out signals on what, 2.4GHz at relatively low power.

So? My phone runs on 1.9GHz ... I still haven't heard anything
definitive either way, either that cell phones DO or DON'T cause
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