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Re: DoJ: VoIP Providers Avoiding CALEA Mandate

sean (
Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:26:59 -0500

Tony P. wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that most VoIP providers encrypt from the terminal
> adapter back to the server. But everything is based on IP aware
> telephone switches so it isn't a problem to tap at the switch.

Most do NOT encrypt. That is what makes this so funny. It's extremely
easy to tap VOIP. All one needs to tap SIP based voip is the latest
vesrion of ETHEREAL - capture the packets, and it will save the sip
streams as .au files that can be played in windows media player!

I have verified this works for tapping Vonage calls.

> It's because law enforcement by and large is ignorant when it comes to
> technology.

> Even the FBI, the leading agency in the U.S. trips over it's own feet
> when it comes to information technology.

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