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Re: FCC to Cellcos: Clean up Your Bills and Invoices
11 Mar 2005 09:41:32 -0800

Danny Burstein wrote:

> "FCC Extends Truth-in-Billing Rules to Wireless Phones; Seeks
> Comment on Additional Measures to Increase Ability of Consumers to
> Make Informed Choices ...

I wonder if this will make bills _harder_ to understand.

As a result of all the "fair disclosure" laws, companies now send out
whole books in fine print on their numerous policies. They're
impossible for a lay person to understand, and they're constantly
changing. Overloading someone with detail is an easy way to fraud

Years ago our electric bill was on a postcard. Name, address, KWH
hours used, total cost. Now it's several pages of graphs and charts.
Our phone bill used to be one small slip of paper -- fixed costs on one
side, toll charges on the other. Now it's so thick it requires extra
postage -- and I don't even have toll charges! (And it's on
double-sided paper too!)

I'm pretty sure it was the PUCs that ordered the breakouts of
toll/non-toll and basic/non-basic data blocks. Further, all imposed
charges, ie 911, FCC line, should be rolled up in service and
equipment; all taxes rolled into one item just as the old days.

Can anyone justify mailing out the Encyclopedia Britannica for a
monthly utility bill?

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