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Re: Long Distance Carrier Verification

Bill Matern (
Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:49:10 -0500

When I worked on a 700 number service, the number was 700-555-1212 to
find out about your IXC. This was over 10 years ago. However, when I
just tired it in Salem, NH it did not work, but you may want to try
this alternative number.

On Verizon's site, they indicate the 700-555-4141 number so it
probably has changed in that time. This number did not work either
for me.


Some info on 700 numbers (from

Area code 700 was assigned in 1983 on the eve of the introduction of
long distance competition in the US. The intent was that interexchange
carriers could use 700 numbers to implement new services quickly. When
a 700 number is dialed, the local exchange carrier processing the call
routes it to the presubscribed interexchange carrier, unless the
caller has overridden presubscription by dialing 101XXXX before the
number. Thus each interexchange carrier has access to all 7.92 million
700 numbers. 700 numbers are different from all other North American
Numbering Plan numbers because the destinations are not unique, and,
in fact, depend on the network the caller has selected.

Michael Muderick <> wrote in message

> Has anyone tried 700-555-4141 lately to verify long distance carrier?
> It's still a published number, but in the Phila. area, I keep getting
> a busy signal. Is there a new number available?

> Michael Muderick

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