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Voicepulse - is Router Needed For One Computer?
Mon, 07 Mar 2005 11:45:51 -0600

They recommend the Sipura modem. Do you also need the Netgear router
if you're going to access the net and use the phone service at the
same time?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: See the answer given to Elaine
elsewhere in this issue. It will make the whole simpler and much
less complex to have some sort of router (Netgear is fine, but so
is Linksys) if you want to use the computer and VOIP at the same
time. But you may want to consider a VOIP service like Vonage, for
instance, which uses a telephone adapter which has a router built
in, so you get by with one nice, neat little connection. For any
interested parties, I still have Vonage e-coupons which you redeem
for one month of free Vonage service. You use the link in the email
I send you; this walks you through the sign up process to start
using Vonage. You use _your credit card_ to pay for the installation
costs, and the number assignment, and the first month of service.
Then, the e-coupon kicks in and you get the *second month* of whatever
service plan you purchased for free. Write
to request your e-coupon. PAT]

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