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Is Router Needed For One Computer With VOIP?
Mon, 07 Mar 2005 11:18:44 -0600

If I have a cable broadband connection, do I need to purchase the
router to use Vonage and access the internet at the same time?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: In addition to the telephone adapter
device needed to operate the VOIP phone, you need some sort of
router/splitter device to use the internet at the same time. Otherwise
you are stuck with plugging in the phone when you wish to use it, or
plugging in the computer when you wish to surf the net. but not both
at the same time. The router allows you do to both at one time; but
depending on the type of VOIP service you get, many of the telephone
adapters in fact are routers as well. Vonage is like that; the TA used
includes a simple router in the same unit. Bring the cable in one
side, send output to the telephone and the computer at the same time.

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