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Re: Voom Goes Boom

Mark Crispin (MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU)
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 21:35:57 -0800

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, J Kelly wrote:

> I keep hearing a vocal minority whining about not enough HDTV
> available. If there are so many people interested in HDTV, explain
> how Voom only managed to convince around 40,000 suckers into signing
> up for their service. Now Voom has gone Boom.

Voom's service started out with a hefty (several hundred dollars)
investment required in equipment that would not be useful for anything

Voom did not carry any local channels; you had to have a separate OTA
antenna to tune in local digital (or *shudder* analog) channels.

Voom didn't carry very many of the popular cable/satellite channels. Voom
had more HDTV offerings, but in every other respect they were vastly
inferior to comparable offerings from other satellite providers.

Voom was not a good choice for people with multiple sets, or for people
who have RVs.

When Voom cut their prices, they did so to the extent that clearly
indicated desparation and a company going under.

Bottom line: high prices, inferior choices compared to other satellite
services, and a company that from the onset didn't look like it was going
to survive.

-- Mark --
Science does not emerge from voting, party politics, or public debate.
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