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Content Management, was Re: Are ISPs Blocking VoIP Calls?

Danny Burstein (
Sun, 27 Feb 2005 06:37:23 UTC

In <> Tony
P. <> writes:

> But if an ISP starts blocking other providers of a service, they're
> practicing content management. Granted, they can do this so the
> consumer should vote with their feet and ditch blocking ISP's.

You think that's interference? How's about this from Verizon:

"3. You may NOT use the Service as follows:...
"(j) to damage the name or reputation of Verizon, its parent, affiliates
and subsidiaries, or any third parties; " [a]

nny ' sounds pretty close to a content description ' burstein

[a] dunno if that url will work directly. if not, start with:

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