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Re: Are ISPs Blocking VoIP Calls?

John Levine (
27 Feb 2005 16:03:02 -0000

>> Since VOIP went to great lengths to get unregulated status, I don't
>> understand why they would have any standing with a regulatory agency.
>> AFAIK, ISPs are not regulated either.

> Please explain what they did to obtain non-regulated status.

They went through widely publicised legal battles with Minnesota and
other states to avoid regulation. How could you have missed them?

> Their infrastructure is most certainly regulated as they use Paetec
> and Focal switches. What isn't' regulated is the last mile
> connections that they use.

They've also managed, so far at least, to avoid contributing to USF
and other infrastructure funds and taxes that real phones pay.

In this particular case I agree that they made their bed, so they'd
better be prepared to sleep in it. I haven't looked in detail at the
carrier specific service that Cox and other cablecos provide, but it
is my impression that it works and is regulated a lot more like
conventional phone service than like Vonage-style parasitic VoIP.



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