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Re: Withholding the Telephone Tax

Dave Garland (
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:00:59 -0600

It was a dark and stormy night when TELECOM Digest Editor
<> wrote:

> The government can then do whatever it
> wishes, but during Vietnam, the government did not think it worth
> their time to go after the millions of Americans who were protesting
> the small amounts of tax withheld.

I seem to remember receiving a call from them asking where my bank
accounts were, and refusing to tell them, and eventually they deducted
it from a tax refund I had coming. Of course, in today's freedom,
they know where every cent of yours is already, thanks to ChoicePoint
and the "Patriot" Act.

It was within their power to do more dramatic things, like seize
property and auction it off for the $14.93 you owed. But I don't
recall them doing that for phone tax (they did it to some people who
refused to pay income tax). But with today's regime, they might do
that just because they thought it was fun, or because they thought God
told them to do it.

Maybe it's just my age, or maybe times have changed for the worse, but I
find myself feeling nostalgic about a thug like Nixon, and that's scary.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And maybe my age also; and I am
convinced things _have_ changed considerably for the worst, 'Patriot
Act' and credit bureau file break-ins not withstanding. It may be also
that in my old age, and diseased brain, I have become much more
radicalized than I ever use to be, back in the days when I had the
full use of my whole body and brain. They can't hurt me any longer,
so I just speak the truth as I know it. I mean, what would happen to
me now; would they execute me? PAT]

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