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Re: A New Radio Station For Our Town

Henry (
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 07:03:53 +0200

TELECOM Digest Editor <> wrote:

> I am very pleased to report we have a new _all classical music_ radio
> station here in southeast Kansas. Actually, KOSU is licensed out of
> Ketchum, Oklahoma (more or less across the state line) from
> Coffeyville, KS but it has a _very good_ signal here in Independence.

The call sign is a clear tip-off, Pat: this is the Oklahoma State
University station. College and university radio and television
stations, funded by a combination of tax money, grants from
private-sector foundations and contributions from individuals, are
often a great source of classical music and other 'artsy' programming
that is not viable in the hard-scrabble (not to mention philistine)
commercial media environment.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Actually, I found out after I posted
that item of one small correction. The actual call sign is KOSN not
KOSU, but it is part of the KOSU (and OK State University) 'family'.
It is at 107.5 FM. I found this out when I started listening more
closely. Two or three times each day, they take a full minute out of
their programming to rattle off _all_ the call signs and frequencies
they own, something like this: "KOSN, Bartlesville and Ketchum, 107.5
FM; KOSU, Stillwater and Tulsa, 90-something, some other call sign,
other towns, frequencies, etc, all services of Oklahoma State
University, Stillwater, OK." So I guess what I hear here now is the
/N/ version, not the /U/ version. In any event, it is very loud and
very clear, 'stereo' light nicely illuminated, which I could only get
before on 89.9 KRPS provided I had the cable line plugged in. And
since Oklahoma State University and their telecommunications education
program is one of my patrons here at the Digest, I guess I should say
thanks a little more often to them. PAT]

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