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Re: Digital Cellular Sound Quality
Tue, 08 Feb 2005 06:32:03 -0800

Jeffrey Mattox wrote:

> [Please withhold my email address.]

> My old analog cell phone, a Nokia 918, has a cheap, grandfathered rate
> plan, so I'm not likely to upgrade unless Cingular rips out their
> analog equipment. Get this: the phone's logo is "Ameritech"!

> Whenever I have a conversation with a modern cell phone user, it's
> digital-ness is highly obvious because the sound quality is so bad.

> I assumed digital meant higher quality. Even today, digital is called
> "advanced technology." To wit:

> Digital phones use advanced technology that converts voices
> into numeric code, which is then transmitted to the phone and
> decoded. ... Reception, sound quality, battery life, and
> security features are superior to analog.


> Well, it not very advanced from my perspective -- it's a step
> backward. And to say that digital "sound quality .. [is] superior" is
> a lie. Because of the low sample rate (is it 8 KHz?), it's not
> possible to reconstruct perfect speech.

Your complaint reminds me of the mother watching her son marching with his
company in a military graduation ceremony. He his out of step with the
others, but mom says sonny is fine, all the others are out of step. ;-)

My Cingular digital phone sounds great on all connections.

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