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Phone Service Codes, AIM Messaging, etc.

dexter3 (
4 Feb 2005 13:52:34 -0800

I couldn't find where else to post this question, so please accept my
apologies if there's a more appropriate place.

I am very curious about how certain services are offered via phone
codes. For example, there's a radio station in my area that allows
free calls from Cingular subscribers by entering #630. In addition, I
can send instant messages to my AOL instant messenger account by using
a 6-digit code. So if I wanted to start my own business/service and
utilize something like what AOL does with instant messages (you can
text message a cell phone from AIM by entering something like
+15555551212, and replies from the recipient phone are sent via a text
message that hits a 6-digit code that delivers back to your screen
name), how would I set up such a code? Do I need to work out a
partnering agreement with each service provider? Or is this a
standard business service offered by the providers for which I'd pay a
small subscription fee?

Any ideas on this would be much appreciated, as my web searches have
turned up nothing on the subject.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This is done at the celco switch, like
a speed dial. Ask the cellular company to set it up for you, but it
won't come for free. PAT]

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