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Re: Format For Image to be Faxed?

John Levine (
2 Feb 2005 15:40:33 -0000

> If I want to fax a B&W or, more likely, a gray-scale image from within
> my computer (Apple iBook, using the internal modem), into what format
> (JPEG? GIF? ???) should I convert the image and at what resolution (72
> dpi?) before I fax it, to get the best balance of image sharpness and
> transmission time?

Group 3 faxes have their own transmission format. It's about 200 dpi,
one bit deep. TIFF files can store this format directly, but any fax
program should be able to deal with other common formats. So long as
it's 200 dpi and one-bit B/W, that's what a fax machine can deal with.

If you want to send greyscale, email a PDF.


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