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Re: Do Allow Under-9s to Use a Mobile
30 Jan 2005 08:03:13 GMT

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> Hmmm, ... are you saying that the negative effects of exposure to
> radioactivity is due to heat damage? Somehow I don't think so ...

OK, enough already! I'm not stupid enough to think that cell phones
are radioactive. And I know that RF is not the same as particle

Linc seemed to be implying that the only possible damage to cells
had to be from the heat induced by the radiation. I was simply
pointing out that there are other ways to damage cellular structure
that don't involve heat, with the point being that while yes, it
is probably virtually impossible for the electromagnetic radiation
from a cell phone to induce enough temperature change to have any
possible effect, there may be other mechanisms that haven't been
discovered yet.

The one thing that I have noticed to be extraordinarily consistent
throughout the history of science is that whenever one or all of the
experts think they know everything about something, they don't.

John Meissen

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