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Re: PRI Splitting?

Doug McIntyre (
29 Jan 2005 15:56:46 GMT

Terry Dalton <> writes:

> We have a PRI that we want to service 2 separate phone systems. I'm
> trying to find a device under $1000 to take a PRI and split channels
> it into two separate physical PRI links and plug it into two separate
> phone systems (no the phone systems can't do this). The framing needs
> to be NI2 or 5ESS. I know that you can't split it in the sense that
> you can create 2 D channels but all I want to do is be able to use a
> few channels of the PRI on one of the systems and the rest on the
> other. Is this possible and if so does anyone know of a device that
> will do it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

An Adtran Atlas will do exactly what you want. Buying them new though
will be a tad higher than $1,000, but used eBay prices should get you
close enough to your price point. These are modular, and since you
need 3 T1s total, and the base unit only comes with two T1 ports,
you'll need another Quad T1/PRI card inserted.

The bigest problem is that you do have to take the one D channel in,
and generate the 23B+D channels out over two seperate T1s out to each PBX.
And then you'll need to do some basic call routing for which calls
coming in go to one PBX vs. the other. I assume you'll want to do that
based on called-party ID numbers, although you can do it based on
either calling-party or called-party ID in the Atlas.

A PRI can't really be seperated into just a couple channels here or
there like a T1 can be, so I don't know if you need to limit # of
calls accepted or not. Not sure if you even could with PRIs without
your PBX smart enough to send call-rejects back if # of channels used
> 2 or some such logic.

I've used these devices for a very simular situation, and it worked

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