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>>> I have just seen a news blurb about the Telephone Pioneer Museum
>>> in Eugene, Oregon.

>>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Carl, would it be possible to give any
>>> more details on this, so that our California/Oregon area readers might
>>> be able to plan a visit? At least a street address, phone number,
>>> etc? PAT]


>> What: Eugene's very own telephone museum has existed near the southeast
>> corner of East 10th Avenue and Oak Street since 1983 in a small room on
>> the first floor of what is now the Qwest building, built in 1928.

>> Where: 112 E. 10th Ave.

>> Hours: Open Thursdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment.
>> Call (541) 688-3211 or 485-4100 for tours.

>> Cost: Free.

> I just want to say that this museum is absolutely wonderful. Some of
> the smaller items aren't really very well displayed, but there is just
> no other place in the world that you can go and see a functioning
> panel or crossbar switch and have someone explain to you how it works.
> Everyone reading this should make a trip out to Oregon if they haven't
> done so already.

Actually, that's no longer true; the New England Museum of Telephony in
Ellsworth, Maine, has a substantial working collection:

From the Bell Companies, the museum has acquired the following: a
complete #3 Crossbar system from Bradford, Maine; 30 frames of #5
Crossbar from Belfast, Maine; and a Step-by-Step system from Clinton,
Maine. Parts of a Panel System from Brooklyn, New York were acquired
in 1997. In addition, various manual and automatic switchboards of an
antique and historic nature, PBX equipment, and enormous amounts of
spare parts, tools and ephemera are finding their way into permanent

They also have an operational microwave link (used for a mainland-island


> --scott

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