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Re: Vonage at Bestbuy?
Tue, 25 Jan 2005 07:43:57 -0800

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Another approach is to ask me for a
> Vonage e-coupon. I send you this in email, then you use the link shown
> there to set the entire thing up over the computer. By clicking on
> the link in the email coupon, it walks you though the ordering and set
> up procedure, assigns your Vonage number *AND* arranges to get the
> Vonage TA box sent out to you. They give those rather high priority,
> so you should recieve the TA in three or four days by Fed Express or
> UPS. You use your credit card to pay for the TA box and the first
> month of service then my coupon kicks in and whatever kind of service
> plan you choose (and pay for) you get the *second month* for free. I
> have been a Vonage customer now for almost two years; I think from
> start to finish in the ordering/installing process took me a week in
> total, from getting the e-coupon, clicking on the link, getting the
> service set up and starting to use it. If you want an e-coupon, rather
> than dealing with the stores (and often-times know-nothing clerks,
> etc) write to me: and request it. PAT]

The point, though, what's up with the Best Buy tie in?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Best Buy does have a relationship with
Vonage, but both Vonage and Best Buy have idiots working for them who
don't always understand the importance of good customer and public
relations. PAT]

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