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Re: Review: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Ineffective

Rich Greenberg (
24 Jan 2005 16:56:57 -0500

In article <>, Justin Time
<> wrote:

> programs the fix is for, well, it's absolutely stupid. Oh, the site
> refers you to a KBxxxxxx but doesn't tell you what a KB is.

Thats a reference to a Knowledge Base article, which will have more
details than you wanted to know. Just go to the M$ site and enter the
xxxxxx in the search window and GO.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Under the *assumption* that Microsoft
> probably knows best from a technical standpoint, I download every one
> of the patches as soon as one of my computers tells me I should do
> so. I do not think I have ever missed downloading a single patch, even
> some that later had to be repaired by other patches. PAT]

I pretty much do the same. The key word in Pat's remarks is "probably".

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