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Re: iPod Shuffle = New Radio ?

Linc Madison (
Sun, 23 Jan 2005 22:11:49 -0800

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>> The iPod Shuffle. Its the new radio.


> Is there a way to have the shuttle play through car radio speakers?

Sure. You can buy a gizmo that plugs into the cigarette lighter for
power and then into the headphone jack of nearly anything that uses
headphones, playing it by a very low power FM signal into the car
radio. Alternately, you can get gizmos that plug into the headphone
jack and play the sound through a cartridge that inserts into the
car's cassette player.

Since there are gizmos like that specifically for the existing iPods,
it's not a bad bet that someone will come out with one specially
designed to match the style of the iPod Shuffle.

(Yes, I really like the word "gizmo." ;^P )

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