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Isaiah Beard (
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:21:53 -0500

Tony P. wrote:

> It's all about money, nothing more. If they were really concerned with
> safety they'd come up with a little device that cuts the car motors
> and slams on the brakes if someone looks like they're going to blow
> through an intersection at a red light.

Actually, that would probably be MORE of a safety issue. Depending on
how a device is triggered, a false alarm could guarantee lots of
rear-end collisions.

Or worse, such a measure could exacerbate gridlock in crowded metro
areas. While drivers aren't supposed to "block the box" of an
intersection in bumper to bumper traffic, quite a few still do it
anyway, and cutting their engine when the light turns red only means
they won't be able to move out of the way like you'd prefer they would.

> I actually favor a more draconian solution -- an 18" thick steel
> wall that quickly shoots up out of the ground to stop traffic. If
> you're going too fast you'll just splat against it.

Sadism isn't safety. :)


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