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Re: AT&T Looks Beyond 'Number, Please'
22 Jan 2005 21:22:54 -0800

> As chief technology and chief information officer, Mr. Eslambolchi is
> the technological strategist behind AT&T's ambitious turnaround plan
> to become a data transmission company selling an array of software
> products like network security systems - with phone calls being just
> one of many digital services.

> A few years ago, this approach was heresy at AT&T, where connecting
> calls was the cornerstone of the former monopoly's business.

I don't know where that reporter was, but this story is 20 years out
of date.

AT&T agreed to divesture to be allowed to focus on other activities,
and got itself involved in a number of ventures. Whether these
ventures were good or bad is not the point, the point is that AT&T
stopped being the old "Ma Bell" 20 years ago, and the groundwork for
that transition was laid long before that.

The same is true at IBM, which is a far different company than it was
20 years ago. It was a headline that IBM sold its PC business, but
this transition began some years ago. Hardware is just a part of IBM
now when it once was its mainstay.

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