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Re: Don't Allow Under-9s to Use a Mobile

Justin Time (
21 Jan 2005 06:21:29 -0800

Fred scribbled:

> Now, I agree with you that the jury is still out as to just how much
> of a problem these things are. And I agree with your suggestion that a
> hands-free kit is most probably a good measure to take until we have
> more data on the subject. It will be at least a few more years before
> there will be enough data to draw any significant solutions. I don't
> want to be a statistic, myself.

> So, when I am required to carry a cellular telephone, I will get a
> headset for use with it even if the cost of the headset is out of my
> own pocket. And I will hold the unit away from my body when I use it.


Can you tell me which causes more harm to the brain: RF signals
generated by a cellular telephone held next to your ear or the
electromagnetic radiation from the earphone you just stuck in your ear

Rodgers Platt

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