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Re: 800 Number or 10-10

Matt (
Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:11:55 -0500

No I'm talking for about for around 30,000 - 40,000 minutes a month;
our current phone company is charging us around 4.5-5cents a minute.

John R. Levine wrote:

>> Does anyone know of any reputable company or way that I can get a cheap
>> 800 number (like below 2cents/minute).

> Sure. Call up any long distance company, promise them 20,000 minutes
> of traffic a month, and tell them to terminate it on your T1.

> Oh, you mean like for 20 minutes a month? Forget it. 800 rates are
> the same as dial-1 rates, bottoming out around 3 cents.

>> Also ... how does one go about getting a 10-10 number like 10-10-987
>> for offering long distance services?

> NANPA assigns them, but first you have to set up a long distance
> carrier.

> Regards,

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