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abbygale (
20 Jan 2005 07:50:28 -0800 wrote:

> Bitu wrote:

>> I have tested the spray myself. I triggered one of these nasty cameras
>> intentionally one early morning when there was nobody around. I saw the
>> flash go off but I have yet to receive any tickets. It is a nice
>> feeling to know that I am not driving naked. These cameras are not for
>> safety they are all about revenue. I have donated enough money to the
>> local police department. They are not going to get me again for driving
>> 5 miles over the speed limit.

> The automatic devices for slight speed violations are revenue devices
> for the most part. But, the devices that catch red light runners
> serve a genuine safety purposes. In Southern California there just
> aren't enough traffic cops. And, side collisions at intersections
> because one car ran the red light is about the leading cause of
> traffic deaths in the region these days.

If you research the issue, you'll find that locales fond of the
'red-light cameras' have nearly all decreased the "yellow" times to
make the systems more *profitable*. It's about revenue, not safety and
it's just another tax.

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