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Re: Moved But Want to Keep Phone Number

Justin Time (
18 Jan 2005 10:28:05 -0800

As you now live in California, go to the carrier that has your current
contract and get a second NAM for California and make this the primary
billing address. That way you can keep the Oregon number for your
friends there, but still have a local California number for the people
near you.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You understand of course that on any
multiple-NAM phone, only *one* NAM is alive at any given time. If you
are in 'California NAM mode' for example, then Oregon callers ring
through to voice mail, and vice-versa. As far as the carrier (for the
alternate NAM) is concerned, the phone is turned off and not in service.
You won't get a 'call waiting tone' for example, or any way to answer
an incoming call (from the alternative NAM) without powering down the
phone, pressing keys to invoke the other NAM and then powering back up.

A better solution, IMO, (since you wish to keep your Oregon number)
would be to have the California telco assign you a call forwarding
number set up to ring permanently to the Oregon number (which will in
turn ring your cell phone). PAT]

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