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Re: REN For Western Electric Products?
11 Jan 2005 06:55:04 -0800

Robbie McFerren wrote:

> If you need to use these products right now, just assume each device
> has an REN of 1.0. This will allow you use the devices by
> overestimating the REN.

I am concerned that some of these units may have a REN _greater_
than 1.0, therefore I think I'd be better in _underestimating_ the REN.

For example, does an outdoor ringer require external power or is
it run off the telephone line? That is probably a current draw.

The older sets were not as efficient as later models and may use
more power. The 500 set contained numerous circuit improvements
over the 302 set.

Note that in the old days people didn't have as many extension
telephones as they do today. Many homes had just one phone -- the Bell
System embarked on a big "get an extension phone" campaign in the
1950s to drum up business. With only one set, REN was not a big
issue. Further, everything was Bell installed back then, so an
installer would know and take care special needs if necessary.

Today we not only have our voice telephone sets all over the house,
but also fax, modem, and answering machines too. To be sure, they
have low RENs, but they still consume current. Adding a heavy load to
the line could impact such devices.

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