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Re: Place the Blame on Me

Bill Matern (
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:04:22 -0500

When I still worked at AT&T, one of the guys in my group did a rm -r
.* to remove all of the hidden files. Back in those days, '.*'
matched '..' (or the parent directory).

After a few seconds, he realized what had happen. A new file system was
subsequently re-installed :)

Lisa Minter <> wrote in message

> The 'Unfortunate Accident' Patrick mentione at the start of this
> issue was all my fault. He said it was his fault, but in fact, I
> was sitting here when it happened. I pressed the wrong keys, all
> the mail went bye-bye (but tons of spam as well) and before it
> could get stopped a lot of his main directory was gone as well. I
> feel like a damn fool because of it and want to apologize to
> everyone whose mail got lost today. Please send your mail in again
> so it can be printed over the weekend.

> Lisa

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