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Re: Place the Blame on Me

Herb Stein (
Sun, 9 Jan 2005 20:21:58 -0600

Hi Steve,

Steve Sobol <> wrote in message

> Tony P. wrote:

>> Mmmm ... someone didn't turn journaling on and then did an rm -r huh?

> Tony, that assumes they are using a version of Unix/Linux/*BSD that
> has a journaling filesystem available, and that the filesystem was
> actually formatted as a journaling filesystem (like ext3).

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Regards the Unix 'rm' command, I have
>> 'rm' aliased to 'rm -i', but then if there are a dozen files in some
>> obsolete directory I wish to erase in bulk with 'rm -f' I get in
>> trouble. I have been told before it is not a good idea to use an
>> established Unix command as part of an alias to something else. Friday
>> was a nightmare for me, and it wasn't even the 13th of the month. PAT]

> Pat:

> Seeing as how rm -f is so powerful -- especially the way I use it, rm
> -rf (recursive/delete subdirectories too, force deletion) -- I try to
> remember to pause and examine the command line to make sure I'm
> deleting the right directory(ies).

> In my case, since I run my own Linux server and babysit a couple
> others, and am logged in as the 'superuser', I can very easily delete
> everything on the drive with one command, so I try to be extra careful
> even when not logged in as superuser. :)

> Hope this helps.

I've spent the last 20 or so years working with Unix/Linux
systems. When I say del DELETE (rm) I mean it. Unrecoverable. We get
over it after the first FUBAR ...

> Internet & New Media Services,
> Steven J. Sobol, Geek In Charge / 888.480.4NET (4638) /
> PGP Key available from your friendly local key server (0xE3AE35ED)
> Apple Valley, California Nothing scares me anymore. I have three kids.

Well, I've got 5 grandkids AND I work in retail part time. (When
networking jobs are slow) :-)

Herb Stein

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